About Us

PATLIPUTRA BUILDER LTD.(an Enterprise for "COSUMERISM") is a modern, vibrant and forward looking organization, having adequate expertise and experience in the development of commercial/Residential Buildings and have won both local and national recognition for our design excellence and picture-perfect renovations, and attractive home construction. These well-earned accolades are a result of a core commitment to our clients, underpinned by technical and trade know-how. All of our projects receive professional supervision, attention to details and design inputs.

We, as "PATLIPUTRA BUILDERS", started our success march in 1996 in the field of construction. Now, we are a company with all strengths, commitment and capabilities, and have massive plans to extend our services in other areas for providing services at national level.


Equipped with a galaxy of well qualified professionals, engineers & technocrats having long experience in the field of construction & services, we have achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction and delight. Patliputra Builders is committed to provide latest technology and services to its customers. Now, we have more enthusiastically satisfied customers due to our higher commitment to their projects and luxury home design. This region has many construction companies, but we firmly believe that none would do a better job, provide a better offer and firm assurances for the positive outcome of the project. Above all, we believe no other company competing for any project, will offer a better value for customer’s money. Our architectural design and work are repeatedly recognized and praised by clients, professionals, and the media alike. Now and for any building projects to come, we hope to become your trusted construction company. Bihar is our base of operations, but we will gladly take on your project anywhere.


We have worked tirelessly to become a leader in the industry, and this work has paid off in accolades, awards, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. We are honored and extremely proud that our clients have found our construction work to be beyond their expectations.


The projects we undertake receive our immense attention. We have well defined methods and we adhere to them strictly. Extensive site study by our design and construction experts is done. Alternate feasible designs of not only the building but the entire campus including approach roads, are prepared keeping in view customer’s requirement, comfort & cost and the environmental impact of the project.
We involve our structural, sanitary, electrical, airconditioning consultants in our extensive discussion for taking final decision on the alternative designs available with us. We make changes as per their logical and specific requirements. Then, final working drawings with details are prepared to start the construction.


With every project, we continue with a client-centric philosophy and make sure that our customers are always satisfied with every facet of our work from our architectural design to the quality of our construction and strict adherence to budget. We will be an invaluable partner in all the projects you entrust us to complete. Without exception, we can report high commitment to the project and an unwavering dedication to your satisfaction. You can be confident in our professionalism as we are always on-time and on-budget. As your builder and contractor, we are with you every step of the way.


Our Ideology

  1. To adopt latest technology and services to cater to the demands of modern industrial environment.
  2. To develop a team of able professionals to match with the growing demands of the trade.
  3. To maintain best relationship with customers, employees and others.
  4. To work for social and national benefits.
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